Medifoam Pressure Redistribution Mattress

The MediFoam® Pressure Redistribution Mattress is a modern mattress that gives excellent comfort and support to patients in different healthcare settings.
It is specifically engineered to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including category 2, making it an essential addition to any medical facility.

Key Features

1. High Elastic Quality Material: Ensures effective pressure equalization for ultimate comfort.
2. Minimizes Shear Forces: Reduces skin damage and pressure ulcers effectively.
3. Vapour Permeable Hygienic Cover: Waterproof, breathable, and promotes healthy skin.
4. Hygienic and Easy to Clean: Meets high standards, simple to maintain.
5. Four-Way Stretch Cover: Conforms to hygiene standards, fully recyclable.
6. Ergonomically Designed Foam Layers: Firm support with feather-soft contouring.
7. Custom Sizes Available: Tailored to meet specific patient needs.

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