EVA Tilt

The EVA Tilt system is a revolutionary pressure-relieving and repositioning solution designed to transform patient care.
By automating patient repositioning, the EVA Tilt frees up valuable time for caregivers and enhances patient comfort and safety.
This innovative system is ideal for healthcare facilities seeking to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency.
Key Features
1. Automated Repositioning: Repositions patients every 30 minutes, adjusting pressure points every five minutes for comfort.
2. Advanced Tilt Functionality: Tilts up to 30º for effective pressure redistribution and patient care.
3. Variable Low Pressure (VLP) Mode: Advanced support surfaces for superior pressure relief and redistribution.
4. User-Friendly Design: Simple digital pump, integrated cable management, dial knob, and color coding for easy setup.
5. Durable and Hygienic Construction: Low friction, waterproof PU cover, well-protected zipper, and replaceable cells for easy maintenance.
6. Silent Operation: Minimizes noise and vibration for a restful environment.
7. Safety and Convenience: CPR quick-release tag, visual and audio alarms, and separate switches for precise control

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